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15 China Quality and Consumer Rights Protection Forum was held by the China Association for Quality Promotion(CAQP) in Beijing on March 14. The AQSIQ’s Vice Minister and CIQP President Pu Changcheng addressed the forum. Also present at the forum were Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei and Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Zhu Hongren.


In his speech, Pu said that, as the 12th Five-Year Plan (2010-2015) is to be implemented, the State Council will soon stage the Quality Development Outline(2011-2020) to enhance the quality issue to be a national strategy. The 12th five-year development plan outlined for quality inspection administration by the AQSIQ and the guidelines of “Focusing on quality, ensuring safety, promoting development and improving quality inspection” put forward this year will help promote the steady and rapid development of economy and social harmony. Only when product quality is ensured, can we fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, the forum is of great importance under such a background.

Pu said, to fulfill the goal of boosting social and economic development, the whole society should attach greater importance to quality. Quality, as the important foundation for economic development, should be given top priority in the process of accelerating transformation of the economic development mode. Second, enterprises should assume their due responsibility according to the laws, as they are the main body of market economy and the primary responsibility for product quality lies with them. They should set up a responsible and credible image for quality assurance, and carry out management and foster brands with quality in mind. To enhance quality is a systematic project, and it’s vital to establish a quality and safety responsibility system within the whole society. Third, operations violating laws on product quality should be punished severely. For many years, illegal acts including manufacturing of fake and shoddy products have disrupted the market order, caused harm to consumers and resulted in irretrievable losses to lives and properties. To improve the overall level of product quality and safety, it’s urgent to carry out stringent crack down on such illegal practices. Last, the quality inspection authorities should make unremitting efforts to improve supervision and administration capabilities. As the competent authority directly under the State Council in charge of national quality inspection, the AQSIQ shoulders the great responsibility for enhancing product quality. It’s important to carry out activities of invigorating economy through quality, and improve supervision and administration in a scientific manner and in accordance with the law.